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Libikor is a multi-service activity. In addition to the import-export and brokerage service, we also provide professional advice through the collaboration of a team of specialists in continuous updating on legislative, fiscal and commercial news.


Consultancy on the internationalization of companies


Legal advice


Business advice


Tax and tax consultancy


Insurance advice


Search for the best suppliers, communicating the name of the supplier, details of the commercial license, product conformity certifications, quality management certifications, type of products handled, costs related to product customization, prices, minimum quantities required, delivery times, terms of return of the price of the goods.

Updated infromation

Legal-economic-international information also through links to national and international public institutions or blogs.

Brokerage agency

In the case of the agency relationship, the sending company must take care to provide samples and informative material and provide us with all the assistance necessary to be able to carry out the work in the best possible way also through online sales.


By referring to the databases in our possession of manufacturers, service providers and/ or professionals, we try to meet the requests for purchase of certain products from potential buyers. Therefore, once we receive the request for a certain type of product, even from the same Italian companies, we ask a quotation to the companies of our knowledge. When supply and demand of the product find the right agreement you pass to the real sale. Our professionalism and our job consist, in this case, in following the order, managing the various types of payment, controlling the modes of transport of the goods, in agreement with trusted shippers, until the goods are delivered to the place of destination. The compensation for Libikor will be determined by an agreed commission on the sale.


Our logistic service is carried out in collaboration with companies transporters and specialized shippers for market areas, establishing together prices and terms of return more convenient for the customer and making use of their professionalism in terms of customs advice.