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From a fraternal idea, we created Libikor, a company based in Apulia, precisely in the province of Lecce, which since 2011 deals mainly with import-exportand consultancy to companies that have the desire to operate in one of the fastest growing sectors of the market.

What we initially focused on was the desire to make known Salento through its traditional and typical products: from the manufacturing sector to crafts, from agriculture to tourism.

This has allowed us to select reliable and certified suppliers, in accordance with the requests of the foreign customer, gradually expanding the knowledge of other Apulian products and those of the entire nation, from the north to the south of Italy.


Our business offers a service both to Italian companies that want to export their products abroad and to foreign companies that want to import products made in Italy.

We started our work by exporting products from different Italian companies to foreign markets ranging from North Africa to the Far East, with the awareness of expanding more and more.

Promoting and supporting the “Made in Italy” in the world is our mission, as a symbol of quality and guarantee, creating a direct relationship between Italian suppliers and international customers.

However, in a reciprocal relationship, where required, is also given the opportunity to promote products from other Countries making them known to both Italian and foreign companies, as a further objective pursued by Libikor Srl.

Our Target

Italy has a geographical position that makes our country the natural logistics platform of the Mediterraneanfor new trade routes. The MENA area, the countries of North Africa and the Middle East, represents a growing market and Italy has always been one of the main international suppliers for the area.

The “Made in Italy” is a symbol of quality and safety, as well as wellbeing, so Italian products are much more in demand than those sold by other European countries.

Our objective is to give the opportunity to Italian companies to open up to new markets, especially in a problematic period like this, promoting our territory made of tradition and authenticity, with the success that our products deserve.