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Merchandise sectors treated

Clothing and fashion accessories

Women’s clothing, men’s clothing, sportswear, graphene fabrics and clothing, fashion accessories, clothing accessories, hair accessories, eyewear, eyewear frames, sunglasses, sports glasses.


Antique and luxury furniture, children’s furniture, commercial furniture, furniture accessories, furniture hardware, furniture parts, home furniture, outdoor furniture, plastic furniture, wooden furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, rooms and bedrooms, kitchens, armchairs and chairs, bed bases and mattresses, bathroom furniture.

Industrial equipment

Industrial and general equipment, equipment for machine tools, lubricants, all hardware products, solvent for cleaning copper before welding.

Cars and transport

Car spare parts and accessories, compatible spare parts, turbines, alternators, steering box, climate compressor, starter motors, turbo compressors, injection spare parts, water tank, fuel tank, drain wells, drain channels for trucks and spare parts, Hydraulic cranes for trucks and spare parts, aerial truck platforms.

Personal beauty and care

Facial products, moisturizers and nutrients, anti-age, eye contour, shock treatment wrinkles, milk and tonics, exfoliating dermopurificants, body products, hand and body cream, hands and feet, natural bio certified cosmetic products.


Bathroom, accessories for doors and windows, doors and windows, taps and mixers, fireplaces and stoves, fire-retardant materials, floors and accessories, kitchen, stone, stone quarry and slabs, Lecce stone, multifunctional materials, landscaped masonry materials, tiles and accessories, timber, concrete and concrete.

Food and Beverage

Baked goods, canned food, coffee, milk, soft drinks, powdered milk, baby food, pasta, tuna, condensed milk, tomato concentrate, sunflower seed oil, corn oil, olive oil, almond paste desserts, Single-dose biscuits for bars and hotels, artisan sweets, frozen and dry baked goods, rustic Lecce, Lecce pastry, Nutella Ferrero, spreads, candy, various drinks, wine, sparkling wine, champagne, water.

Electromedical products

Latest generation digital hearing aids, dental equipment, emergency and clinical equipment, physical therapy equipment, generic medicines, sterilization equipment, radiology equipment and accessories, surgical instruments, department nursing equipment, medical lamps, diagnostics, audiology and spirometry, ECG monitors and ultrasound, emergency and dressing, sterilization, veterinary, anatomical models, CPAP, CPAP, breathing mask, wireless personal health products, diagnostic-laboratory tests, operator protection, surgical instruments and accessories, medical bags, medical scales and meters, pharmacy, aids for the elderly and disabled, medical furnishings, electromedical-physiotherapy, gynaecology and proctology, electroscalpel and thermocauteries, helmet glasses and endoscopy.

Shoes and accessories

Genuine leather shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes, working safety shoes, boots, men’s sandals, women’s sandals, child sandals, leather backpacks and bags, leather accessories and belts, sports shoes, shoes in stock.

Safety and protection

Personal protective equipment, protection equipment in graphene, ozone machines for environmental sanitization, autoclaves for sanitization, hand washing gel, FFP2 masks, surgical masks, disposable gloves, glasses, protective screens, thermometers, medical protective suits, shoe covers, dispenser containers.